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There is no project too small, too large or too complicated, as everything from Something to Say Communications revolves around leadership and accountability.

Here is a sampling of what we can provide to you and your team…

Project Leadership & Management Services

This is our difference. We are solutions professionals and focus on getting the results you require.

  • Producer
    • Develops vision with client
    • Recruits key team members
    • Is the owner of the success of the project
    • Provides business analysis
  • Project Manager
    • Executes project scope
    • Manages daily timing, team resources, and budget
    • Service options available for short-term project implementation and longer lifecycle management

Cloud-based Execution, Collaboration & Management 

  • We recommend a specific cloud-based package, either agency or client managed and will utilize client systems as well
    • Marketing Automation (Social Media, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and so much more!)
      • Tool Recommendation and Selection
      • Utilize Your Subscribed Tools
    • Collaboration 
      • Review Cycles & Signoff
      • Quality Assurance
    • Project Management
      • Timeline, Resource & Budget

Agency Services

  • Strategy
    • Brainstorming/Ideation Sessions
    • Research & Analysis
    • Planning & Targeting
  • Creative
    •  We Create Advertisements, Websites, Blogs, Social Media,  Email campaigns, Print Materials (Brochures, “Slim Jims”, etc.), Video Scripts, Media Releases using the following services…
      • User Experience & Specifications
      • Copy (including Content Marketing)
      • Design
      • Editorial
  • Development & Production
    • Digital
      • Websites
        • Functional Specifications
        • Programming
        • Editorial
        • User Acceptance Testing
        • Launch Sequence
        • Post-Launch Testing
      • Social Media (Social Platforms & Blogs)
        • Content Upload
        • Calendar Management
        • Response Management
      • Other services
        • SEO
        • SEM/PPC
        • Display Advertising
      • ***Ask about our advanced digital offerings…mobile, gaming & events
    • Video
      • Staffing
      • Casting & Location
      • Equipment Rental
      • Editing & Rendering
      • Delivery
    • Print
      • Specifications
      • Production File Development
      • Art & Editorial Review
      • File Release
  • Analytics
    • Data Collection
    • Measurement
    • Analysis
    • Recommendations

Something to Say Communications will manage any project you can dream up or marketing service you require. Really…ANY!

Please connect to our team through the website, call us at 610.762.4140 or email michael.donohoe@s2scomm.com to schedule a time to discuss your company’s goals and to develop an effective plan.

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