About S2SC

Something to Say Communications has been a dream of Michael Donohoe for many years. Years back (2008 to be exact), while listening to the radio and working in a large New York City area advertising firm, he heard the song “Something to Say” by Matthew West. This song had a deep impact in realizing that everybody has a voice, but may not know how to use it.

Michael’s career spans from many years working in political campaigns, working for in the marketing department for Fortune 100 companies and New York/Philadelphia area advertising firms,

Something to Say Communications specializes in the planning and execution of multi-channel marketing programs. We specialize in project/production management, digital marketing, content/inbound marketing, social media management & monitoring, public affairs, media relations, and consulting.

Michael also focuses on reigning in the power of social media/blogging (content marketing), effectively identifies the target, creates key online elements, analyzes the behavior of the users through key performance indicators and adapts programs when necessary.



If you ever in the Finger Lakes Region of New York or Western/Central New York, let us know. We would love to sit down and meet.

You may have heard that we have great food, wineries and craft breweries, as well as great theater, music festivals, The Eastman School of Music, spectacular lakes (some are “great”) and of course Niagara Falls, Canada is less than 90 minutes away.

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