Small Business Week 2018: My Quick Take on Being a Business Owner

pexels-photo-296878.jpegAs a small advertising and marketing firm, the joy and the pain of being a small business is a part of everyday life. You go from collecting a check for the work you have completed, to collecting a check and dispersing correctly for all of the tasks you and possibly others have completed.

In a quick discourse, being a “solopreneur” comes with more responsibility than freelancing. I know.

The vision of being a small business takes the copywriter, the designer and in this case, the producer to the next level. It is one thing to be a part of a process to complete a piece of the work, but more to the point of taking full ownership, and a larger sense of responsibility either good or bad.

In my professional role as a freelancer, I love to take on a defined project, manage it through release and hope it could lead to more work. As a business owner, I own the relationship with the client, so the ideation, the creative process, the production process and the final result, the analytics and any next steps are my responsibility. Basically, I live and die on the success of the program, and my client’s satisfaction.

I am fortunate to know many people who are either going at it alone or with a small staff. It is a challenge to succeed, but with a commitment and a strong desire, we can all win.

if you are considering starting a small business, touch base with your local Small Business Administration (SBA) Office, SCORE, and Chamber of Commerce to gain some business knowledge and to connect with other companies like yours.

Enjoy, educate and celebrate Small Business Week 2018.

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