News You Can Use: Social Media Tools – Android Photo Editing

First thought…what is wrong with this picture? It needs more editing.

Working in advertising, it is obvious that the entire industry is extremely Apple iPhone crazed. Why not, Apple has placed tons of money into providing platforms within the Mac world allowing for amazing design and motion graphics production, just to name a few.

Even though at Something to Say Communications, we see ourselves as an advertising agency, it is near and dear to our heart that Google has the potential to displace Apple, Microsoft, and other companies in many areas. Either directly or through the third-party adoption of their platform, websites, and more.

Over the last two years, I moved my focus to inbound marketing and social media so I could be more effective with the production and management of these types of projects. Beyond the processes though, I have learned more from the actions of my five kids on SnapChat, Instagram and begrudgingly Facebook and Twitter.

A matter of fact, I heard today that over 80% of the videos published in 2017 was not created by a major brand. I have not found the image totals yet it may be higher.

The key learning…images (even more so video) are key to engage a user and to convince them to click your post. They will skip over a text post at any time. Ever wonder why a Facebook post can have “pretty little” backgrounds? To increase engagement.

This sent me on a hunt to find the best photo editors for my phone. So as I sifted through a number of articles and played around in the Google Play Store, I found this comprehensive list on Android Authority. Their article “15 best Photo Editor Apps for Android in 2018” provided me enough knowledge that I am using three apps on my phone right now. The obvious winner is Adobe’s suite of apps. Adobe, being the developer of Photoshop offers a free version (as many do) with the opportunity purchase additional features.

Read, check a few out and then let me know which is your favorite in the comments below. This is a very “real-time world”, and using the “canned” or stock imagery will go only so far.

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