We are retiring this domain and moving to www.michaeldonohoe.com

Why The Change?

Simply, times have changed. Focusing on keeping an “advertising agency” running is no longer a benefit for my customers, or myself.

Note though…I am not going anywhere. I am just refocusing!

The new company will be located at the web link below…

Michael Donohoe – DIGITAL: Project Management & Production | Marketing

And of course, Social Media…Facebook, with others to come.

My focus is on consulting and contracting on digital projects. These can be marketing, or not. I can run the whole show but will provide my skillset into my areas of strength. I will recruit experts in the other areas, then manage them from ideation through post-launch.

I have gone from too much to manage internally, to allowing myself to help my customers more.

My new email is simply michael@michaeldonohoe.com, click here to send the message there, or use the contact us page.

Thank you!


Who We Are.

We are a team of digital project managers and producers who are committed to a 360° process utilizing the Project Management Institute (PMBOK) and Agile (Scrum) methodologies as a framework to successfully launch your online or cloud-based service, along with digital advertising

What We Do.

Would it surprise you that we specialize in either taking over “on fire” projects?” There are many reasons why this could happen…

  • It is now the highest priority on your director’s list
  • The project continues to be deprioritized and placed to the side
  • It has been improperly scoped and managed so it is now the one that is a disaster

We know how to fix the problem. Even though our preference is to start on a project from the beginning so we can provide a great experience, at times, resolving your digital issues in the most efficient way is what you need.

When you work with Something to Say Communications on any digital project, every one of the following tasks is scoped and performed:

Planning and Defining Scope, Activity Planning and Sequencing, Resource Planning, Developing Schedules, Time Estimating, Cost Estimating, Developing a Budget, Documentation, Creating Charts and Schedules, Risk Analysis, Managing Risks and Issues, Monitoring and Reporting Progress, Team Leadership, Strategic Influencing, Business Partnering, Working with Vendors, Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis, Controlling Quality, Benefits Realization, and as well as a Post-Mortem and Best Practices Documentum.

Who We’ve worked with in the Past.

Through the years, we have completed projects in the following sectors: pharmaceutical, healthcare, advertising, telecommunications, and business services.

At this time can discuss specific projects and clients during an initial call.

Contact Us.

Something to Say Communications 16 Michigan Street, Bloomfield, NY 14469

P: (610) 762-4140 | info@s2scomm.com

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